Elko’s Debut ‘Love Was The Reason’ Cannot Be Boxed In


Elko has been steadily building a diehard fanbase throughout the last year through stand out singles such as "Drunk and Out of Town" and "I'm falling apart fast feels like I'm flying." These singles completely subvert expectation as well as show just how versatile the artist is. Elko's steady releases have been slowly building towards their debut album Love Was The Reason. 

Love Was The Reason is a dejected and emotive album all centered around Elko's navigation through a difficult relationship. Beyond the cathartic songwriting, the instrumentals throughout the project are an experimental fusion of alternative, abrasive electronic, and synth driven pop. Produced by frequent collaborator Colin Munroe, the instrumentals are just as complex as the troubled individual that Elko paints in their writing.

"YOU'RE FEELING THE SAME THINGS" is a personal favorite and features hard-hitting drums and Elko straining their vocals. The track has a sense of urgency to it as the screeching strings and piano compliment the tone of Elko's voice. The last few tracks on the album are slow-burning reflections of Elko's relationship. The closing track "dream" is an ethereal and atmospheric end to the project. On only their first project, Elko seems like they're already a seasoned veteran. Love Was The Reason has me excited to hear what's next from the artist.

Listen to Love Was The Reason by Elko below: