ella jane Continues Her Momentum with "nothing else i could do"


At just 18 years young, Ella Jane is paving her own path within the industry. Following up on her debut single, "The City," and being named one of Music Business Worldwide's Hottest Independent Artist's In The World, she continues her momentum with her brand new single "nothing else i could do".

Ella Jane isn't your ordinary indie pop artist. Her latest single was actually her AP Lit class final assignment, based off the legendary novel The Great Gatsby and singer Lorde. Ella Jane explains,

"'nothing else i could do' actually started as the final project for my senior AP Lit class - the assignment was to create something inspired by one of the books we read this year, and I chose The Great Gatsby. I was very lyrically inspired by Lorde in this song, and wanted to use vivid imagery to capture the feeling of being hung up on a fantasy of someone/something."

The simple production behind the song gives you a calming feeling. It welcomes you into the world of Ella Jane and accompanies her soft vocals graciously. She's created a sound that is easy to listen to. A sound where you can roll down your windows on the PCH, blast her new single and breathe in the ocean air. All smiles. All good vibes. That's the world Ella Jane is creating. We're here for it, and making sure you are too.