Emma Charles Has Some Valid Questions About Friendship on “25″ [Premiere]


Photo Credit: Chase Leonard

Today, we shine a light on a glowing folk-pop artist emerging out of Los Angeles. At the budding age of 22, Emma Charles is taking the industry by storm with her nostalgic sound. Influenced by Stevie Nicks, Edie Sedgewick, Kacey Musgraves and Phoebe Bridgers, Charles intertwines the brilliance of their combined artistry with modern pop elements. Emma Charles' new single, "25", is not one to sleep on.

The song touches on the struggles of keeping a steady friendship. Most people go into a friendship thinking it's going to last a lifetime. But in the real world, friendships are full of ups and downs. And sometimes they slowly fade away. Charles tackles this fragile subject with an upbeat vibe. Charles explains,

“I wrote 25 in LA with my producer and co-writer, Doug Schadt. We came upon the idea of exploring the nuances of platonic friendships, which are much less sung about than romantic relationships. I have had a fair share of friendships in my life that have not panned out the way I had imagined they would, and there the idea for ‘25’ was born. We created the track in LA, and then we tracked vocals and finalized production in Doug’s studio in Brooklyn.”

While the message behind the song is genuine, the production and writing drive home the feeling. With the help of writer/producer Doug Schadt, these two created a timeless song. From the piano hiding in the background of the song, to the drum production, every element of this song complements each other to near perfection. Emma Charles' "25" is a blast from the past, and we're here for it.

Stream "25″ below: