Emmaline Proves that Soulful Jazz Isn’t Dead with Debut ‘All My Sweetest Dreams’ EP [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Edrece Stansberry

Today, we're sharing new music from an utterly soulful crooner for all you jazz lovers out there! Although she's only 21 years old, Emmaline's maturity shines bright in her otherworldly debut EP, All My Sweetest Dreams. Channeling her passion for soulful jazz and vulnerable songwriting, Emmaline is certainly making her heroes–including Billie Holiday and Erykah Badu–incredibly proud.

On All My Sweetest Dreams, Emmaline revealed,

"My hope in releasing this EP is to get me one step closer to being able to inspire and encourage as many people as possible around the world with my music. Honestly–if just a handful of folks relate to these songs and can find some kind of peace listening to them, then this recording will be a success in my book!"


Just as we expected from the slow burning opening track, "Effortless," Emmaline throws us straight into the fire as she weaves through how someone could lose romantic feelings so easily. In contrast, the cheery title track reminisces about a joyful past relationship filled with tender love as Emmaline proclaims, "All my sweetest dreams are made of you." If piano arrangements and trumpet gooeyness are right up your alley, then "Shy" is the perfect song for your deserving ears as Emmaline spoils us, instrumentally, for a solid four and a half minutes.

Recorded in Brooklyn, All My Sweetest Dreams features the best of Emmaline's undeniable vocal abilities, as proven by the sultry "Mister Wise Guy." The throbbing bass lines in "Brighten" are contrasted ever so perfectly with Emmaline's touching lyricism and lovable personality. For one last punch of jazzy melodies, "Ruby" serves as Emmaline's dedication to the heartbroken souls who are struggling with the breakup phase and reassuring them that this pain doesn't last forever.


Emmaline exclusively shared with us,

"Every song on this record was written from a state of nostalgia. The collection of songs feels similar to a photo album of memories to me. But unlike a real photo album (where typically only the good moments are documented), I wanted 'All My Sweetest Dreams' to contain elements of both the good and bad of life–to remind my listeners that whatever season of life they are in, whether it be good or bad, they are not alone and can always turn to music for healing."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of Emmaline's All My Sweetest Dreams EP below: