Emotional Oranges Portrays a Relationship Gone Sour in “Someone Else (Rejuiced)” Single + Video


Two oranges who have grown unhappy in their relationship cheat on one another with an apple and a strawberry. Yeah, you read that right, and that narrative might sound ridiculous right now, but is haunting in its depiction in the mysterious LA-based collective Emotional Oranges' latest video for their new "rejuiced" version of "Someone Else." 

"Someone Else," which was originally released on their first length project The Juice Vol. 1, has been slowed down in the heavy new release, further defining and dramatizing the narrative of a relationship turned rotten over time. The song picks up insecure feelings of being unable to make a significant other happy, and how two people have ripened and grown in two different directions. This relationship is filled with tension and poor communication. The duo's velvety vocals take over separate parts of the emotional track, creating a tangible story between two distant lovers expressing their lack of faith in their relationship.

"Yeah, you want that someone else

For real (Real, real)

You’re looking for something else, for real

Yeah, you need that someone, who's 

Too real (Real, real)

If you want that something else

Go and get it, baby"

Listen to the new "rejuiced" version of the R&B track by Emotional Oranges below.

The claymation video for "Someone Else" depicts a disgruntled relationship where the woman orange, a famous actress, has been accused of having an affair with her costar. The male orange, assumably her husband, is enraged and saddened by the accusations and doesn't know who to trust. His secretary, a strawberry, then tries to seduce him and sends him a racy photo, which his wife views in the middle of the night. The woman orange is angered by this and instead of communicating their emotions and their truths, the two lash out on one another and dive head into their individual affairs [*Gasp*] Two fruits gone sour due to poor communication and lack of trust. Who knew a relationship between two fruits could be so heartbreaking?

Watch the dramatic, citrus-filled video for yourself below:

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