Evann McIntosh Exudes Confident Feminine Energy on “WIYULD”


Sixteen year-old singer/songwriter Evann McIntosh is back with her first new song of the year. "WIYULD" is the follow up to her very successful debut album MOJO from 2019. McIntosh returned to her DIY roots by making this entire song in her bedroom on GarageBand. 

McIntosh has an uncanny amount of swagger for a sixteen-year-old and it's on full display on "WIYULD." Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, McIntosh shares, "WIYULD was my response to grown women being intimidated by a young, confident feminine energy. It's mocking their idea of who I must be." The youth are the future and they're going to live by their own rules, McIntosh is one example of that. 

Janice Chun directed the Flintstones-inspired animated visual companion for the song. Stream "WIYULD" and watch the video below.