Evann McIntosh Is Making Music Like “Nobody Else”


Photo: Khufu Najee

Evann McIntosh has a sound, texture, and sonic realism so unique it deserves a visual accompaniment titled “Nobody Else;” because nobody else has the chops or imagination to make such a sweet song come to life.

McIntosh writes in a sincere, earnest voice befitting their young age of seventeen: innocent and self-aware, fun and venerable but always defying the current overwritten, overwrought sound expected in the pop space. In short, it is very clean McIntosh writes, styles and steers their creative project. 

“Nobody Else” is a painfully delicious song of optimism, as McIntosh explains, “It’s about the idea of there being one person for everybody and you’ve found yours.” Against a featherily light melody, McIntosh bounces between a near hip-hop cadence and wooing choruses. At a different tempo and tenor, this could have been a Marvin Gaye Motown song in his prime and yet its paired with this surreal, idyllic dream state video that sees them dancing through the natural light of an Upstate New York estate (including a room full of suspended goldfish).

The promise of this song has us very excited or the release of their full-length album Character Development later this summer, as they have a brilliant antenna for melding great stories with sticky songs. McIntosh provides all the talent and tension required for an artist to puncture through the clutter, staking claim to a sound “nobody else” has right now.

Listen to "Nobody Else" below: