FACESOUL Announces Debut Project ‘YSRA’ With the Captivating “All I Need”


Photo: Lucy Rose Laucht

Every once in a while, an artist comes about that stops you dead in your tracks. FACESOUL is that artist. Born in Somalia and raised in London, the 27-year-old artist is a child of the diaspora who after facing his own share of hardships is now using his spellbinding music as a vehicle for spiritual and emotional healing, not just for him but the world at large.

It's fitting then that "All I Need" feels like a sermon. Carried by the Somali artist's delicate voice, which evolves from gentle murmur to impassioned plea, "All I Need" is akin to stepping into church, not a church defined by its architectural importance but one defined by its impactful, spiritual grace, devoid of any fixed structure. And as that feeling of heavenly magnitude builds to a fever pitch, the song suddenly cuts at the behest of FACESOUL's final petition for the world, or perhaps himself, to "just believe me."

"'All I Need' is honestly a process of rebirth for me. It’s a process of reconnecting back to what really matters. It’s the turning point in the project for myself. That’s when darkness starts to really shift in the music, and a process of empowerment takes place. For me it’s more about remembering the tools of balance, remembering that which gives you hope, and remembering that there is something worthwhile, you know," shares FACESOUL.

Set to appear on FACESOUL's forthcoming debut project YSRA, realising October 13, "All I Need" also arrives alongside a breathtaking Stewart Alexander-directed music video that captures all the beauty of the standout track. Taken together, they paint a striking portrait of FACESOUL, the artist, the poet, and human being.

Watch the "All I Need" video below: