Fall in Love With Snoh Aalegra’s Classic R&B Sound in “Find Someone Like You”


Photo: Diego Palomino

Snoh Aalegra is incredibly talented at putting you in your feels with her soulful R&B sound - it's no debate; and the Iranian/Swedish singer's new track, "Find Someone Like You," is just the latest example of how endlessly charming her music is.

The song drips in glam R&B sounds reminiscent of artists like Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston. It's a rich track that's fueled with Aalegra's captivating R&B sound. The song is reminiscent of sultry R&B numbers from the past, yet authentic to the singer. This triumphant love number expresses undying admiration for someone who is almost too good to be true.

Aalegra's vocals are mesmerizing, paired with darting piano sounds and jazzy percussion. The song ends in an angelic last verse with Aalegra's vocals paired with a choir. It's hard not to fall in love with the singer/songwriter as you listen to her undeniably hypnotizing lead vocals paired with heavenly harmonies.

The songstress' music is inspired by classic R&B/soul fusion sounds, as well as her personal life struggling with feeling like an outsider as an Iranian woman. She oftentimes explores themes of maturing, self-love, independence, romance, and more through her music.

You can listen to the ethereal love song below:

With the release of her new single, Aalegra announced that her second album -Ugh, those feels again is set to release on Aug. 16. The new album will follow her debut album FEELS, which featured renowned artists Vince Staples, Logic, Vic Mensa, and Timbuktu. Gearing up for her album release, the singer has dropped three singles this year with "Find Someone Like You" being the third. To say we are excited about her new full-length project is an absolute understatement. 

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