Fana Hues Continues to Amaze With “Icarus” [Premiere]


Photo By: Drew Robinson

We'd like to introduce you to "rising" R&B artist Fana Hues, as she shares her second single "Icarus." When Hues released her debut single "Notice Me" last month, it was immediately clear that she's built different. "Notice Me" exhibited a new artist with so much intention, polish, and potential in her art that she couldn't possibly be new. But if you watch the accompanying music video for "Notice Me," the Amira Hadiya-directed visual features her and her real-life family. She's one of nine children that spent the entirety of their childhood learning music, supporting each other at recitals, concerts, etc. 

“Music is literally in the fabric of our family [and] our bond as family," says Hues. Her father taught her and her sisters how to sing. Hues also trained in violin as well as taught herself how to play bass guitar. But her road to success had its share of potholes. When Hues was still a child, she developed scarlet fever, tonsillitis, and strep throat at the same time. Hues was basically voiceless for almost five years of her life. That period of longing to express herself through singing made her really understand and appreciate her purpose as a musician. So now at 25-years-old, every sung note carries a little extra weight.

Today, we have the premiere of her second single "Icarus." Speaking on the making of the song, Hues shared,

"The very first beat The Drum kitchen played for me was the beat that would become Icarus. I pulled from early Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross for vocal inspiration as well as how to approach an instrumental that's so cinematic and scenic. Once I mapped out the overall feel for the song, it basically wrote itself.”

Similar to the sentiment of the original Icarus myth, the chorus echoes "How did I get so close / Prolly god only knows / Saw the signs still i go." While the song presents as a cautionary tale of giving yourself away, the Amira Hadiya-directed clip showcases Hues roaming free surrounded by a bevy of black beauty. 

Watch the video below and stay tuned for more great work from Fana Hues.