Feel Nostalgic With Fly By Midnight’s New Release “Lost Without You” feat. Clara Mae


Fly By Midnight released an epic music video for their new single, "Lost Without You" featuring Clara Mae, and wow, does it bring me back to the early 2000's. It's clear they're on track to become the new boy band of the indie-pop world. The nostalgic vibe of the desert pairs perfectly with the lush 80's synths and arpeggiating guitar work. When I listened to the track for the first time, I couldn't help but relate to the lyrics. When you have an amazing connection to someone, you don't want it to ever change or go away.

I sat down (virtually) with Justin, one half of Fly By Midnight, and discussed the writing process behind "Lost Without You". They wrote/produced the song last June with their co-writer Sophie Simmons. After going back and forth about the sonic direction they wanted to take the track, they reached out to Clara Mae during quarantine. Her bright and airy vocals certainly enhance the dreamy atmosphere. With Clara being based in Sweden, Justin described the interesting and unique experience of working remotely on a video together.

"We wrote 'Lost Without You' about feeling disconnected from someone you still have emotional ties to. In reality, we couldn’t fly to Sweden to film the music video with Clara so that separation was just as much a logistical choice as it was a narrative one. The idea of dropping a television in the desert felt desolate enough to drive the narrative in a left of center way."

Watch the video for "Lost Without You" below.