Fiji Blue's “Waves” Puts Us Back Into Our Feelings


Putting us straight into our feels, Fiji Blue is back with yet another intimate song. Their new single "Waves" comes as their fourth release this year. After all of their unbelievable progress in 2020, Fiji Blue is one of the most notable emerging duos putting out music. Streaming well over one million plays on each release, they'll be seeing major success on "Waves."

Trevor Durring, Fiji Blue's vocalist and guitarist, continues to prove himself as a lyrical expert. His ability to tell a memorable story and keep you engaged is one of the key elements to Fiji's charm. Falling in line with vocalists like John Mayer and Jack Johnson, his soothing vocals keep you at ease and add to the elegance of the production.

Val Fritz, a classically trained pianist and drummer, is the other half of Fiji Blue. His understanding of what works on a song is almost too perfect. There's a switch that clicks inside him that triggers an all systems go button. He creates some of the most beautiful and well structured songs in the game right now. Whether it's for Fiji Blue, or so many other artists releasing music, Fritz is able to construct incredibly orchestrated songs. And with the help of a third studio writer, Peter Fenn, the three of them constructed what would become "Waves."

Do you even notice

What I'm trying to say

If I give you the ocean

You complain about the waves

"Waves" tells the tale of never being good enough. Constantly putting in effort, but everything you say is inevitably wrong. Not saying the right words, giving them the world, and it's not what they want. It's the constant struggle of trying to keep someone happy, but falling short despite your good intentions. Fiji Blue lets us resonate with our most vulnerable feelings, and we truly believe it's something they'll carry with them on every future release.