FLETCHER and Kito Have No Issue With Staying “Bitter”


Photo: Shannon Beveridge

2019 formally introduced us to FLETCHER by way of her breakout hit "Undrunk." The profound sentiment of regret backed by soaring pop production catapulted her into the limelight and built the foundation for her lauded debut EP, you ruined new york city for me. A pristine look at the mess that is first love and heartbreak, it is a creative well that has clearly not run dry for the budding pop star.

Produced over FaceTime in quarantine, "Bitter" sees FLETCHER linking up with acclaimed producer and songwriter Kito to revisit the scene of the crime that originally inspired her debut EP. Cheating, lingering feelings of pain, and instantly infectious sonics make up the newfound duo's meditation on the relationship that brought to life one of 2019's hottest songs and rapidly rising artists.  

Opening on FLETCHER trailing off a list of sentiments that hit a little too close to home, she makes no qualms in delivering an ominous pop revelation. "It's like being on the outside of an inside joke / It's like when they only got Pepsi but you really want Coke / It's like you finally get a text back and it's just your mom / It's like when you just broke up and they play your song," the pointed sentiments feel simultaneously universal yet deeply personal.

"Bitter" provides a sonic backdrop that is all too often ignored in modern-day pop. There is no saccharine admission of wishing to return to the past or fully move on from the one who wronged you. Instead, FLETCHER gives us an anthemic outlet for when we are just not quite ready to move on.

Listen to "Bitter" below: