Fousheé’s “sing about love” Is an Ode to Healing and Self-Love


Photo By: Matty Cowen

Since breaking into mainstream consciousness with "Deep End" last year, Fousheé has been further establishing herself as a versatile, exciting artist to keep an eye on. Exposed to musicians like Bob Marley, Toni Braxton and Etta James from a young age, their diverse and rich music lent itself into forming Fousheé's genre-bending, unique sound.

Her latest single, "sing about love" once again showcases Fousheé's silky vocals gliding effortlessly over the smooth, understated production of the track. The slow tempo of the song lends itself to mimicking the ease and comfort Fousheé has once again found within herself as she heals from a past relationship.

Finally escaping the weight of a breakup and making it to the other side feels like taking a breath of fresh air. Like the cathartic exhale after a good, deep cry, "sing about love" has a healing element to it. Dripping in self-empowerment and independence, the single speaks to why Fousheé is exactly the type of artist the world needs right now. Unafraid to write about even the most intimate, vulnerable experiences while remaining effortlessly confident, Fousheé's music is connecting with listeners at their core and forming an unbreakable bond.

Listen to "sing about love" below.