Fox Jackson’s “Behind Closed Doors” Will Make You Wonder What Decade You’re in [Premiere]


Fox Jackson's bringing funk infused dance back with his music. His debut single "Behind Closed Doors" is a jewel toned gem in the sea of songs out now. With a thumping bass-line and hypnotic jazz melodies, the Londoner brings about a certain vibrance to his own pop music. 

For Jackson, "Behind Closed Doors," captured a moment. It tells the story of a former lover at his wits end, asking to be half of a previous relationship once more. Fox confides, "I suppose that whenever you write music, it always reflects your internal mood and what you are going through at the time… I feel as though my songwriting is a translation exercise. Translating the emotion I’m feeling at the time into words and music." Being an avid music lover himself, Fox leaned on Nile Rogers' "Soup For One" for inspiration for his own love-loss tune. It's mesmerizing and totally dance worthy. 

Listen to "Behind Closed Doors" below: