Francesco Yates Is the Epitome of Artistic Growth


From Justin Bieber, Drake, Shawn Mendes, to Mac Demarco, Canada has birthed some of music's greatest sensations. And our friends north of the border are continuing to produce stars. Their latest comes in the form of 24-year-old singer, producer, and songwriter Francesco Yates.

The Toronto native originally signed to Atlantic Records at the age of 16, where he described himself at the time as a "deer in the headlights." With production help from the iconic Pharrell Williams, Yates released his debut EP, the self-titled Francesco Yates. The EP consisted of a fusion of various pop and contemporary R&B style tracks, but it seems Yates may be growing in a different direction as of late. 

Since releasing his debut EP, Yates has refocused and redefined himself as an artist. Rather than allowing legends such as Pharrell to produce his tracks, Yates personally felt the need to handle his own production to capture the artistry within. With so much experience under his belt at a young age, the Toronto native took what he could and ran with it, carefully crafting the artist standing before us today.

Recently, Yates released "Somebody Like You." This track is the accumulation of years of work to produce something that is all his. From the production to the vocals to the songwriting, Yates' release is all his own. The track features elements of modern dance, electronic, R&B, and some vintage disco percussion. The vocal performance and subtle synths on the track give it a groovy feel that keeps the listener moving and grooving for the foreseeable future. 

The progress of Yates has undoubtedly been a story worthy of telling. From a young teen from Toronto to a Pharrell-cosigned recording artist, the peaks and lows have come quickly. In these times, self-discovery is vital, and all of these events together helped birth the new Franceso Yates we see today. With a desperately needed new perspective to lend to the world of music, Yates has what it takes to show us just how drastically an artist can grow in such a short time.