Fred Again.. Enlists Romy of The xx and HAAi For the Ephemeral Rush of “Lights Out”

The past year has seen Fred Again.. emerge as one of the most applauded figures in the world of dance music. Bridging the emotional pathos gleamed from snapshots into strangers' and friends' lives with the meticulously-orchestrated push-and-pull of some of the best house music of recent memory, the UK producer and artist is creating music deeply rooted in the human condition. The latest byproduct of this rapturous vision arrives in the form of "Lights Out," a transcendent closing moment.

"Lights Out" is a song rooted firmly in the culmination of a euphoric night out; those minutes, seconds even, where you want nothing more than one more song, one final moment to lose yourself in the thrall of a pulsing dancefloor. Yet, juxtaposing that ephemeral rush is the creation of the song itself. Originally conceptualized by Romy as a song for The xx, "Lights Out" would evolve from unheard The xx number, to Fred Again.. creating the genesis of the track on an explorative train ride, to Haai road-testing work-in-progress mixes during shows at the tailend of 2021.

“I started this song on my laptop on a train up to the Scottish Highlands and immediately sent it to Romy and Teneil (HAAi) because it felt super special to me. Romy’s lyrics and voice are just like a hug from a rave angel,” shares Fred Again.. It's a sentiment shared by HAAi, who adds, I feel this track represents a special part of each of our musical selves. Fred is one of the most energetic and wildly talented people I've been in a studio with. This really was a dream collaboration.“

The result is a track that perfectly captures that perfectly imperfect climax. As Romy's ethereal vocals enter a trance-like state over Fred Again.. and HAAi's dynamic, driving production, the only missing component is that moment following the fade to silence where the crowd erupts into applause and pleas for one more song.

Listen to "Lights Out" below: