girl in red Offers a Happy Medium of Indie Rock and Dream Pop in ‘chapter 2’


Photo: Julie Pike

Coming all the way from Norway is a pop talent that's so remarkable we can hardly believe she exists. Better known as girl in red, Marie Ulven uses her music platform as an opportunity to bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to her upcoming tour with Ones To Watch charmer Isaac Dunbar, girl in red is making 2019 one of her most exciting years yet with the release her fantastic new EP, chapter 2.

With a soft cooing reminiscent of a peaceful lullaby, "watch you sleep." is a gorgeous sentiment of girl in red's pure and loving nature. Much to our enjoyment, girl in red dabbles with indie rock elements in "i need to be alone.," which is a brutally honest entry about self-realization. Her humble vocals flushed with lively guitars and jittery tambourines in "dead girl in the pool." are exactly what sets her apart from the norm, demonstrating a willingness to experiment with unfamiliar and multi-dimensional sonics. 

The refreshingly emo "i'll die anyway" is a proclamation of girl in red's unapologetic lifestyle. As the five-track EP draws to a bittersweet end, "bad idea!" leaves us with a message of determination. In this pulsating closing track, girl in red brings light to her impulsive decisions and the resulting consequences.

On "bad idea!," girl in red shared,

"I got the idea for the song after being on an off with a girl. I found myself going back to her repeatedly even though I knew I shouldn't have. For me, 'bad idea!' is about wanting something very intensely and going for it without thinking about the consequences."

Explore girl in red's emotional troubles with chapter 2 below:

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