Girl Wilde Seizes the Day with “I Don’t Wanna Die”


Credit: Lizzie Steimer

Grunge goddess Alex Barnes, known to fans as Girl Wilde, releases a fresh new single dedicated to the appreciation and endurance of every day life. In "I Don't Wanna Die," Girl Wilde's moody yet hard-hitting vocals ride on heavily distorted guitar riffs that get stuck in your head. At first, Wilde is having a horrible day, not just because "someone spit in [her] cereal," but also because she admittedly "like[s] to self-sabotage" and "bite [her] fingers till [she] taste[s] blood." Rather than hating on herself, these lines see Girl Wilde teaching us an important lesson in acceptance. Self-love doesn't just mean embracing that patch of cellulite on your thighs and learning to love your stretch marks, it also means recognizing your mental and emotional faults and embracing them just the same. 

Wilde knows that she is far from perfect, but she acknowledges that her shortcomings are just a part of who she is. She takes it one step further, applauding herself for the simple task of getting up in the morning and living another day. It's a choice that each of us makes every day we're alive, and Girl Wilde doesn't want us to let that go unnoticed. "I Don't Wanna Die" arrives ahead of Wilde's forthcoming EP, set for release later this year.

Girl Wilde shares about the emotions behind her new single:

"'I Don’t Wanna Die' is about personal progress and self acceptance. I, like many others, am way too hard on myself. This song is a reminder that deciding to wake up and live is a feat in itself."

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