Good Girls Do “Bad Things” in Lizzy Land’s Surreal Slo-Mo Video [PREMIERE]


Credit: Ryan Marshall Lawhon

Lizzy Land’s luminous new-age pop is racking up millions of Spotify streams, earning her a reputation as a starlet to watch. The Portland native-turned Los Angelino took to Craigslist to form her first band at age 18. Since her debut, Land’s work has been featured in several popular television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix’s Lucifer, and Marvel’s Runaways.

In her new visual, Land lounges at a casual house party, providing the soundtrack to a red-solo-cup romance between two young women. Dramatic slow-motion shots see the two girls dancing together with drinks in hand at the start of the video. By the time Land hits her second chorus, the pair is lip-locked. Between occasional shots of other dancing party-goers and Land’s shadowy figure mouthing her lyrics, the two women become more and more entwined, drinking, dancing, and kissing the night away. 

At the close of the video, it becomes clear that the romantic encounter was a “bad thing.” One of the women breaks away from her one-night lover and is seen getting picked up by a third woman. She is soon revealed to be the girlfriend when the two kiss upon greeting each other in the car. Whether the catalyst was the chemistry between the cheater and the woman at the party, or rather the potential dysfunction of the relationship she had casted aside, is unclear. Undeniably however, the message of the video and of Land’s lyrics rings true, that love is blind and in our blind lovesickness, we do “Bad Things.” 

Land shares on the meaning behind “Bad Things,”

“[Inspiration for ‘Bad Things’] came from a night of heavy drinking and one too many cigarettes. It’s hard to say no to something that feels so good, even when you know you should. It’s a relationship with a person, a substance, a moment that you can’t let go and a feeling that might fuel the fire for now, but eventually dies out.”

Watch Lizzy Land’s story of dangerous love below: