Griff Clawson Is a Hopeless Romantic on “Chasing Highs”


The holiday season is here, which means 2021 is quickly approaching. While we're certainly in need of some new beginnings, you still can't seem to shake that old special someone out of your mind. Like Griff Clawson on his new single, you're "Chasing Highs" - holding on to a moment, a feeling, a love story.

Griff Clawson is the hopeless romantic and singer-songwriter behind the song, "Chasing Highs." This is Clawson's debut solo single, as he's previously sang on tracks with global DJs such as ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa, and Boombox Cartel. The song finds Clawson back at his roots. An LA native, Clawson picked up his first guitar at age 11 and was selling out local coffee houses in Southern California by age 14. As a stripped back acoustic-pop track, "Chasing Highs" highlights Clawson's raw talent, utilizing only an acoustic guitar and Clawson's anthemic voice.

"Chasing Highs" is extremely pleasant to listen to. It's got a melody that's perfectly locked in, paired with simple yet emotionally effective lyrics. The cover art for the single features a cartoon Clawson climbing a ladder in outer space to get to Earth, suggesting the distance he's willing to travel to win back his lover. Regarding the music video, Clawson remarks how it was organically decided to make it Zombie themed, playing on the word "chasing". Along with the director, Brett Bassock, Clawson thinks that "The juxtaposition of the eerie zombie with the sweet, romantic song felt special from the beginning". Clawson thoroughly enjoyed making the video and being surrounded by other creative minds, including the actors Toddy Smith and Bella Giannulli.

"Chasing Highs" is a feel-good song to add to your playlist. I'm definitely charmed by Griff Clawson, and I look forward to hearing what's next from him!