Hailey Knox Keeps Evolving With Release of “a boy named pluto” [Premiere]


Singer-Songwriter Hailey Knox is evolving. While her signature soulful voice has always been a mainstay for her, she is now adding producer to her list of talents. For her latest single, "a boy named pluto," Knox laid the production foundation for the synth-laden song. 

Usually only singing about her real life, Knox chose to create a relatable but fictional story for the new single. A story of unrequited love. Out of fear of rejection, Pluto and the object of his desire, Genevieve were in love with each other but were both too scared to tell the other.

Speaking on the song and video, Knox shared,

“I didn't really have a story in mind when we wrote 'a boy named pluto,' it just evolved as we continued to write. The idea to use clay just felt like it meshed well with the feeling and story of the song. I emailed back and forth with my sister's friend from school Claire during quarantine and she did a great job creating what I envisioned. We went back and forth for each scene of the song and it was really cool seeing Pluto and Genevieve come to life. Pluto and Genevieve are now hanging out at home on my speakers while I produce.”

If "a boy named pluto" is any indication of where Hailey Knox wants to take us musically, we're ready to go along for the ride. Stream "a boy named pluto" below.