Hannah Hausman Leaves a Toxic Relationship on "will i ever feel like this again?"[Premiere]


Photo By: Brook Boyer

After losing her voice for an entire year due to a (pre-COVID) virus, indie pop artist Hannah Hausman is back and stronger than ever with the release of her latest single, “will i ever feel like this again?” With its iridescent vocals and sentimental tone, the LA-based singer starts her 2021 on a strong yet somber note and finds her voice.

On the track, the Tennessee native explores the complexity and confusion people experience while being in a situationship and the inevitable process of walking away from a toxic situation. “I started writing this song a year ago to navigate my conflicting feelings about a guy who I always loved but knew would be bad for me,” the singer explained. She went on to say that even though she knew he wasn't right for her; he made her feel something she had never felt before. “We ended up dating and our relationship was even more toxic than I imagined. It was so hard to leave him because I was so scared to fall back into apathy. The song follows my intuition & emotions as they fight against one another, and I gain the courage to walk away."

Hausman’s honey-glazed vocals over sincere and relatable lyricism and production draw listeners in, instantly making them invested in how the story of this relationship will develop. The song drips with transparency and pulls at our heartstrings with poignant lyrics like, "It’s a little late to not know/if I’m stuck in the friend zone. You say you love me in the moonlight/but something doesn’t feel right.”

The short track winds down with a collage of glossy synths, catchy beats, and lilting guitar lines, giving Hausman’s pure vocals one more chance to stand alone and shine before the song’s ultimate and bittersweet end

“will I ever feel like this ever again?” drops tomorrow, January 8th via Quadio Records. Listen to the premiere below.

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