harry was here Debuts His Electric First Single 'stay' [Premiere]


October is one for the books when it comes to musical debuts. With so many amazing artists releasing new music and blossoming, one to highlight is UnderCurrent's newest artist venture, harry was here. We're entering a genreless time in music where musicians and artists are blending a fusion of so many different sounds, and that's what we're discovering here with harry was here's debut single. We're proud to be premiering his electric tune "stay."

The song is a heart wrenching story of love falling apart. You're struggling to stay in something that you're not fully into, something so toxic, but you're scared to leave because you don't know how life would be without them. Ripping off that baneful blindfold and seeing the light for the first time in a long time is a beyond refreshing feeling that's so hard to build up to, but rewarding nonetheless. In harry was here's 'stay,' he tells that story in a style of his own.

His production is a blend of the newer pop sensation we've been hearing a lot lately mixed with the nostalgic vibes of early 2000's pop punk. The layered vocals display his ability in range and the power in his voice. Accompanied by variations of guitar tones and self-produced sampling. The drums hone down the classic pop beat that carries the upbeat vibe throughout the entirety for the song, creating the feeling of hope and eagerness. As a first single, harry was here has set the bar for himself, and there's no doubt we'll see him come back stronger with his next release.