Hobo Johnson’s Pool Party-Themed Video is Anything But a “Typical Story”


A few years ago, Sacramento teenager Frank Lopes was kicked out of his parents' house and forced to live in his '94 Corolla. It was likely this unique identity–neither a typical hobo, nor a typical teen–that gave birth to Hobo Johnson, an artist who is as atypical as it gets. 

On June 21, Johnson shared new music for the first time since his 2017 self-released debut album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson. With a record deal and national Ones To Watch-presented tour now under his belt, he is soaring to the top and mesmerizing more and more fans every day with his unparalleled creativity and uniqueness. 

In his new video, Johnson's residence has transformed exponentially from his '94 Corolla. Instead, his story-telling and goof-balling is set in a luxurious oversized mansion, complete with a massive pool and an endless guest-list. The bizarre pool party features storybook characters, women with horned monster heads, vaping dogs, and other endearingly disturbing images, like a sea of party-goers all with Hobo Johnson's face plastered over their own. This intriguing absurdity and experimental originality erupts into a magnificent train wreck of sounds, words, colors, and melodies, leaving audiences incapable of looking away. 

Jump in to Hobo Johnson's topsy-turvy pool party below: