Hojean Gets Personal on “Hookup Culture”

Love is a gamble. Starting a relationship is like rolling dice, you hope you land on something beneficial. It either works out or doesn't. In Hojean's newest single, "Hookup Culture", he explores the uncertainty of knowing if a relationship is worth it or not.

With yet another self produced song, Hojean lets us into his life. He shows his vulnerability with a personal story of heartbreak and raw emotion. He gave his all and let someone into his life, but got his hopes too high and had everything ripped right from his hands. Hojean explains why the writing process for this song was new to him:

"My typical writing process revolves around my perception of relationships; but writing "Hookup Culture" was the first time I was really writing about my own experiences. It's been therapeutic to write about - as this song opened my eyes on how to be careful in loving someone."

The song is simple, yet mesmerizing. The easy finger picking on the guitar offers a calming sensation that relaxes your entire body. Hojean's silky vocals accompany the faint guitar perfectly. The lo-fi production keeps the song moving without being too overbearing; The perfect recipe for a personal like "Hookup Culture."

Stream it below: