Hojean’s “Over 85” Is an Effortless Joyride


Hojean is a Georgia-based bedroom pop artist who strives to write songs that will be easily relatable to his growing number of listeners. With his new single, "Over 85," he does just that. 

“Over 85" brings you back to simpler times. The times in high school when you would sneak out late at night to meet up with your crush, those days you get off the late shift at your dead-end pizza delivery job, or the nostalgic memories of coming home from a party busted by the cops. 

Completely self-produced and performed, "Over 85" captures the moment you're speeding down an open road late at night surrounded by the people you care most about. The freeing feeling of the wind gusting through the rolled down windows and the rush of adrenaline building up in your chest. The song encompasses the feeling of falling in love with the feeling of speeding down an open road. There's simply no limit.

Hojean's glistening guitar, soothing vocals, and catchy lyrics are what stick out most within "Over 85." Without another writer in the studio, there is a level of authenticity and creative control that few major artists can replicate.

This is just the beginning for Hojean, who is set to perform multiple shows in the coming months, along with entering the studio to continue creating his art. In the next few weeks, Hojean will also be releasing an acoustic video of "Over 85." With plenty to look forward to, it's impossible to not be on the Hojean hype train. 

Listen to "Over 85" below: