HONNE Enlists BTS’ RM for a Heavenly Reimagining of “Crying Over You”

Regardless of how they pronounce the name, fans of the British duo HONNE are incredibly loyal. And for good reason - HONNE has been hot on the rise since the release of their 2016 album Warm On A Cold Night, and completely took off with the release of their 2018 album Love Me / Love Me Not. With Lollapalooza on the horizon, they just wrapped 16 shows on their Asia Tour, all of which were sold-out. The duo is back with a reimagining of their song "Crying Over You," enlisting the help of BTS' RM in the process. Though the original is already well past 10 million streams, the new version gives the single continued and well-deserved attention.

HONNE is known for their modern, clean production, but there is an element to their sound that is actually very classic. "Crying Over You" has the feel-good presence of an old fashioned ballad, and the lyrics spill out like a nursery rhyme,

 "I don't know why I've been crying over you, for the life of me I wish that I knew. I don't know just how much more I can go through. Man oh man I wish I knew why I've been crying over you."

Though a verse from BTS member RM might be unexpected on a track like "Crying Over You," HONNE and RM go back to 2015 and have collaborated previously on RM's track "Seoul." HONNE commented on the decision to add to the original version, sharing,

"We always wanted a rapper over 'Crying Over You', so it was great when RM was up for featuring on the track, and the part he's written has continued to explore, and add to, the emotion of our original version."

 If you're a fan of the original, give the new version of "Crying Over You" a listen and be sure to check out HONNE live when they return stateside this spring.