ilo ilo Finds Themselves Torn Between a Toxic and Intoxicating Relationship in “habits”


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There are some habits, bad ones more often than not, that no matter how hard you may seem to try, you simply cannot bring yourself to kick. Enigmatic indie pop meets otherworldly electronic duo ilo ilo takes this sentiment to heart in their latest single, and in doing so creates a moment of sonic reflection to score all of those less-than-stellar habits you just cannot bring yourself to part with.

"habits" finds ilo ilo at their finest and most well-refined, carving out a niche for themselves that exists somewhere between the realm of infectious electronic-laden ecstasy and sentimental indie pop. The result is a track that at first glance plays out in carefree, electrifying fashion, but whose lyrics hint at a relationship torn between toxic and intoxicating.

"I can't quit you, no matter what I do / It's like a bad habit / a bad habit of loving you," ilo ilo confesses against a deluge of constantly-evolving electronic production. Whirling up a maelstrom of emotions - lust, powerlessness, and outright euphoria - "habits" arrives as a veritable anthem for cuffing season. And for those of you who are unaware of what exactly that means, just take solace in knowing "habits" is an essential addition to any playlist meant to get your heart racing.

Listen to "habits" below and catch ilo ilo live as they hit the road the with Louis the Child this fall: