Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt Contemplate Another Round on “Wishful Drinking”

In the current landscape of multi-genre music, Ingrid Andress gracefully blends country and pop with her iconic anthems. In her latest single, "Wishful Drinking," featuring country star Sam Hunt, Andress makes regretful nostalgia soothing and tempting.

Released via Warner Music Nashville, "Wishful Drinking" follows her debut album, Lady Like, and her Grammy nominations for "Best Country Song" and "Best Country Album." Andress has been outspoken about confronting stereotypes within country music, fusing classic country themes with edgy, confrontational, and genuine songwriting. As the intoxication of her wary emotions escalate alongside her drink count, Andress, in typical fashion, does not shy away from stark self-awareness.

Sprinkled with R&B influences, this country hit moves forward the traditional thematic tropes present in the genre. Andress sings, "Maybe I'm just wishful drinking / Give my heart something to sink in / Better make it two, / nothing I won't do / For another round of me and you / I get hopeful whеn I'm tipsy / Thinking you might actually miss me / It's 100 proof, nothing I won't do / For another round of me and you / I'm wishful drinking." Armored by her known love of tequila, Andress addresses doubt and unabashedly considers going "another round" with her former interest.

"Wishful Drinking" sees Ingrid Andress using her music to prompt an endearing conversation about the nostalgia and regret of returning to an old love. But most of all, Andress perseveres in her mission to create authentic country music that is inviting and relatable to all.