Isaac Dunbar Stans Lady Gaga in a Haunting Cover of “Princess Die”

Photo: Trey Lyons

Lady Gaga is a one-of-a-kind artist. A pop savant and trendsetter, her works take on a mythic quality. So, when we received word that Isaac Dunbar would be trying his hand at a Lady Gaga deep cut, we were on the edge of our seats. And let us go ahead and tell you, this rising pop maverick does not disappoint.

"Princess Die" is a song that even amongst Lady Gaga's standout discography has a certain cult-like status. First debuting the single at "The Born This Way Ball" in Australia, it was a dedication to super fans, the likes of which threw a tiara on the stage in return. Yet, "Princess Die" has never seen an official release, as it was cut from ARTPOP. But when has the lack of an official release ever stopped a Lady Gaga stan, Dunbar included.

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Taking a swing at the Princess Diana - inspired single, Dunbar brings the haunting, unreleased track to life. The accompanying video sees Dunbar pouring his heart and soul into Lady Gaga's beautifully macabre lyrics. The only illumination comes by way of a single spotlight that follows our star in the making from center stage to the grand piano. Dunbar stans Gaga, and in turn, we stan Dunbar. 

Watch the video for "Princess Die" below:

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