Issey Cross Delivers Another Formidable Pop Anthem With “Boys Make Promises”


This week, pop artist Issey Cross returns with her second single and video of 2021, "Boys Make Promises." The London-based newcomer made headlines earlier this year with her melancholic debut single "Who," which seamlessly blended hip-hop and R&B styles to create a truly futuristic pop cut. "Boys Make Promises" sees her making a strong return on her sophomore single with a brooding and eclectic pop track that sounds abrasive, cinematic, and above all - catchy as hell. 

Just like last month's "Who," Issey Cross shows herself to be an incredibly promising pop talent on "Boys Make Promises." As she moves between verse and chorus, her vocal performance seamlessly flows between delicate falsetto and powerful reverberation - all while her writing stays consistently passionate and clever. One thing that sets Issey Cross apart from her contemporaries, however, is her music's enthusiastic willingness to take risks. "Boys Make Promises" features layers of electronic and distorted vocal harmonies, soft piano arpeggios used alongside string samples, and a booming bass track that all work together to make a subversive pop anthem. It is rare to see a young artist exemplify this sort of musical bravado so early into their career, but I sincerely hope that Issey Cross inspires the newest generation of pop artists with her courage and distinct sound. 

"Boys Make Promises" is Issey Cross' second single from her debut EP Mirrors Don't Lie, set to be released on March 25. Though fans may have a tough time waiting for more music from the London artist, the video for "Boys Make Promises" should satiate fans until then. With a truly original style and affinity for both music and film, Issey Cross is certainly one to watch this year.