Jacqueline Hackett Makes 2021 Debut With "The Rest of the World Could See"


New York City-based singer-songwriter Jacqueline Hackett explores emotional hang-ups and heartbreak on her crisp and sweeping alt-country debut single “The Rest of the World Could See,” produced by Quinn Devlin. Exploring themes of love and loss through a nostalgic lens, she connects to her audience through unfiltered lyricism and critical moments of vulnerability.

The 22-year old’s sincere and soft-hearted lyrical approach on her debut single creates an auditory and intimate glimpse into her world and unabashedly shows her emotional bruises to her listeners. “The Rest of the World Could See,” tells the story of how someone Hackett once felt a great deal for has now become a total stranger to her. The raw and honest single explores the all-encompassing feeling of being haunted by the past and how trying to forget someone can only make the memories come back stronger and all-consuming. However, when the memories come back for Hackett, she shows that her heart has moved on. Her tone shows a mature and triumphant reflection towards her development from her vulnerable and heartbreaking experiences.

On “The Rest of the World Could See,” Hackett combines the classic soundscapes of country instrumentation that’s intimately produced and carefully performed with a more modern approach. Her smooth and warm vocal delivery thrives over the gorgeous instrumentation, especially on poignant lines like “Truth be told, it was wishful thinking/ That was the end for us/ Now I go over and over in my head/ Of what once was.”

The lyrical story cuts deep through the heavy emotional and instrumental haze, allowing listeners to soak in the expansive scope of sounds she and her backing band produce, including dynamic snares, stripped-down piano lines, and slow-burning lap-steel guitar riffs. As the last chorus of the song swells instrumentally and vocally, Hackett is suddenly left alone to sing the final piercing line of the outro, “I silently cried,” before the track fades to its end.

Be sure to check out Jacquelyn Hackett’s latest single, “The Rest of the World Could See,” below!