Jagwar Twin - “Long Time Coming” | Live From the Rooftop

Jagwar Twin is your new favorite figure in alternative music. Currently on tour with lovelytheband presented by Ones To Watch, the Los Angeles - based artist is a distinctive force to behold, largely in part to his hypnotizing debut album Subject To Flooding. Performing "Long Time Coming" from his transfixing debut, we had the pleasure of capturing a truly special Live From the Rooftop performance as Jagwar Twin proved himself an ever-impressive artist on and off the record.

With his standout single "Loser" and an enigmatic persona that captured the human spirit, Jagwar Twin burst forth onto the alternative music landscape in spectacular fashion. Millions of streams later, Roy English, the man behind the captivating Jagwar Twin project, revisits Subject To Flooding much to our delight. A lush tapestry woven from the disparate threads of hip-hop inspired beats, '60s inspired guitar riffs, and alternative rock, Jagwar Twin's debut arrives as a kaleidoscopic vision quest leading to eventual self-discovery and the power of the shared human experience.  


Photo: Betawave Media Group

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