Jake Wesley Rogers Releases Heavenly PRIDE Ballad “Momentary”


Today sees the release of "Momentary," the latest emphatic single from Jake Wesley Rogers. The heart-wrenching PRIDE ballad pays homage to Marsha P. Johnson, Harvey Milk, and Oscar Wilde while finding the space to shine as a deeply personal piece of art. 

Carried by Rogers' breathtaking vocal range prowess and backed by a gospel choir, it feels almost redundant to call the track heavenly. Paired with a striking black-and-white music video, "Momentary" exists as a testament to not only Rogers' undeniable ability to craft a timeless song but as a reminder of the life-and-death struggles people have historically gone through to be with those they love. 

You can listen to "Momentary" below, and be sure to check out Jake Wesley Rogers' takeover of Live Nation's Instagram, as part of our ongoing Artist of the Week series.