Jasmine Thompson Proves “Loyal” In Her Bold Return To The Music Scene


18-year-old Jasmine Thompson has come a long way since her early days of uploading covers on YouTube. While her covers have garnered millions of streams on YouTube and Spotify, she has also released original pop anthems, headlined shows around the world, and opened for Astrid S during her Party's Over World Tour.

The pop singer-songwriter just dropped "Loyal," her first single of the year. This is fans' first taste of new music since Thompson's "Lonely Together" in 2018 and her Wonderland EP, released in 2017. Clearly, she has been working on new music while evolving her sound as she enters her early adulthood years. In a post on Instagram, Thompson shared that she is feeling "very nervous and excited" to be releasing new music.


"Loyal" showcases Jasmine Thompson's mature songwriting capabilities and disciplined vocals. Her vocals are dynamic and highlighted as she belts out "I will always be loyal babe," throughout the song. The is a plea to her love interest to stay faithful to her, as well as a promise that she will always be loyal to him and their relationship. Listeners can hear Thompson's intense love for her boyfriend, but there are also traces of betrayal in every lyric.

Look out for Jasmine Thompson's new EP Colour coming out March 29. But for now, listen to "Loyal" below: