JAWNY's "Super Bad Mantra" Is a Masterpiece Years in the Making

JAWNY is back with an electrifying new single that's destined to get you on your feet. "Super Bad Mantra" featuring Christian Blue is just a little taste of some big things on the way from one of our favorite artists we've been following since the beginning. The song features his signature falsetto vocals and vibrant aesthetic. The moment the song comes on, you already know it's another JAWNY bop.

"Super Bad Mantra" has been a masterpiece in the works for the past two years. A song that has been tweaked and tweaked again to ensure it's absolute perfection. Bringing on Christian Blue was an extremely special addition to the track for JAWNY. The duo have been creating music together for as long as he can remember, but it's the first time they finally released a song with the two of them on vocals together. JAWNY explains the significance behind the new single,

"I've been working on this song for two years now, I've gotten two different features on it that I took off and I've rewritten my verse 3x to make it perfect. Me and my brother have been making music together my whole life and this is the first time I've gotten him on a song. Now it’s that time for the world to hear it. If yall let this flop… I'm replacing my entire project with 10 tracks of dining room chatter at an Outback Steakhouse."

The production is simply **immaculate**. From the layered harmonies, to JAWNY's falsetto and Christian Blue's flawless flow, the vocal performance is one of the key elements that makes this track so marvelous. The choice of instrumentation throughout the song does not go unnoticed. The vinyl scratches establish a nostalgic essence, plus so many other phenomenal instrument choices to accompany the worldly vocal performance rounds out the incredibly orchestrated song. "Super Bad Mantra" is just another taste of some of the best music from JAWNY yet to come.