Jeremy Zucker’s “always, i’ll care” Is a Heavenly Ode to Platonic Love

For someone who has already won over our hearts and knows exactly what his fans want, it is hard to believe that Jeremy Zucker is only 23 years old. The self-described "social introvert" has been surrounded by music since childhood, and he continues to amaze us with poignant and graceful indie pop gems. In true Zucker fashion, "always, i'll care" is a heavenly tune written from the deepest parts of his heart.

With a delicate piano introduction, "always, i'll care" sets the stage for Zucker's angelic vocals that really come to life in the melodic chorus. Against the airy beats, Zucker sings about platonic love and makes a meaningful promise to his dear friends. 

The accompanying lyric video sees Zucker standing barefoot in the sand with crashing waves behind him and a rabbit in his arms. As the tide rolls in and out, Zucker calmly stares into the camera and gently strokes the rabbit like there is nothing else he would rather be doing.

On "always, i'll care," Jeremy Zucker explained,

"'always, i'll care' is an ode to platonic love. It's a song for my friends, whom I love deeply, and a promise to do better."

If you love rabbits, Jeremy Zucker, or odes to friendship, treat yourself to "always, i'll care" below: