Jesse Gold's New Single Is "One in a Million"

Photo By Morgan Hotston

Toronto native Jesse Gold is an extremely reliable producer, songwriter and guitarist. Working with various artists over the years, Gold debuted his solo project in 2019. Since then, Gold has seen a lot of success, and he's looking to build on that success with his brand new single "One in A Million" featuring Stefani Kimber.

The vibrant pop song is a story about two people letting their guard down and being open about their feelings for each other. Gold explains he wrote the lyrics about a girl he was crazy about for years, but never mustered up the courage to say anything. Soon realizing that he was holding himself back from something truly special.

“One in a million is about two people simultaneously letting their guards down to admit their feelings for each other. I had a major crush on a girl for many years - but we ran in different circles and I didn't really know her. I didn't want to take the chance of getting rejected, so for years I avoided her to protect my own ego. Then randomly we ended up at house party together and after a few drinks, everything that had been keeping me away from her seemed very dumb. I went up to her and did my best material. She admitted that she felt the exact same way but refused to make the first move. I couldn't believe it. If only we had been tipsy and less stubborn sooner.”

The production is light and easy. A warm feeling overcomes you as you continue to listen through the whole song. The song begins with Gold and his guitar. Shortly after, he introduced his soothing vocals to begin the story. When the full beat hits, Kimber's vocals are harmonized in the background accompanying Gold's. In the second verse, Kimber shows off her gracious voice, adding pure serenity to the song. This is the type of song you play during your Sunday morning breakfasts. So, sit back, grab your Earl Grey Tea, and unwind to the calming essence of Jesse Gold's "One in A Million."