Jimi Somewhere Reminds Us of Blissful Teenage Freedom on “Bottle Rocket”

Remember when you were in high school and the few sparing moments of true freedom always made you feel invincible? It was as if going off campus for lunch, or going for a drive after school felt like real life. Sitting in the back of your friend's car was the ultimate bliss and you were on your way to make some of your favorite memories. Jimi Somewhere definitely remembers those times, and he encapsulates the feeling in his newest single "Bottle Rocket," a pop record with hints of indie rock that has you screaming along to the chorus.  

Benjamin Schandy, who goes by the moniker Jimi Somewhere, is a 21 year old Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer. He's collaborated with some of our favorites such as Boy Pablo and Bülow, but is making his own mark in 2020 with his debut album "Nothing Gold Can Stay." Today we hear the first single off the project, and Schandy had a few words to share:

''Bottle Rocket' is a song about excitement. I remember when I was in high school and my friends started to get their driver’s licenses, we would just drive out. There was literally nothing happening, but it didn’t really matter because we all had so much energy and just us being together alone was so much fun. I tried to capture that feeling. Of just being excited about everything. Being loud. And feeling invincible!"

Jimi Somewhere is creating music that is invigorating, nostalgic and free. This coming-of-age track will make you miss the young life, even the part where you were eating Totino's pizza rolls while working on Pre-Calc homework.

Listen to "Bottle Rocket" below: