Joel Blackmon is Earnest and Honest on “Morning”


"Your movements can bring me to the ground" sings exciting bedroom pop / r&b singer Joel Blackmon on his first single “Morning.” This morning, that lyric felt especially emotive as my building swayed from a light aftershock. While I can’t guarantee playing this song will equally shake your building, I can predict that Blackmon’s vibrant harmonies and near-tears romantic lyricism will make him an instant favorite for those needing musical accompaniment to their summer love quests. If you play this song often enough maybe it moves your more than just your house but your heart as well.

With fluttering rimshots and a bubbly baseline, it’s clear that Joel – who at 20 already writes, produces and mixes all his own music – paired his feelings with the instrumentation perfectly. The song sounds nervous, anxious, happily overwhelmed with the feelings of late nights with first loves. The song has all the honest and earnest hallmarks of some of his songwriting influences including Jeremy Zucker and Alec Benjamin. If you can’t get enough of their sentimental serenades, then quickly add Joel to your playlist and look out for his debut EP out this autumn.

Stream "Morning" below: