Julian Roy Is a Mix of Neo-Soul and R&B That You Need to Know


Julian Roy isn’t a well-known name, but a name you definitely need to know. Roy’s combination of R&B and neo-soul reminds me a lot of an early Frank Ocean, a comparison I think 99% of music lovers will appreciate and take into heavy consideration. 

Roy has traveled all around the world, from South East Asia, South America, to all throughout the United States. He’s been inspired by the people and communities that have surrounded him, and these inspirations can be heard throughout his music, especially in his latest EP.

18 LBs begins with the simple, yet intriguing “Without You.” The soothing guitar lingers through your head, ultimately giving you the sensation that you just put a vinyl on the record player, starting your Sunday morning with a cup-o-joe in hand and cozied up next to a warm fire after it snowed at least five inches outside. A very comforting and pleasing feeling, it is the warmest way I could possibly think of to introduce the EP. Just when you think a melodic voice is about to start singing, you’re taken aback by Roy laying out some bars. It is nothing if not a welcome surprise. 

However, the highlight of the EP is Feelin Alright.” This song absolutely defines 18 LBs. This is the type of song where you can listen to it and already know how it would feel to hang out with Roy. The type of song where you could recline in a comfy chair next to that warm fire on a Sunday morning, close your eyes, and become mesmerized by the fingers dancing upon the fretboard on the bass. The underlying jazz keyboard may not seem like a lot, but it is imperative to the song. The keys keep a constant variation flowing, keeping the song from feeling too repetitive. “Feelin Alright” is a song that I instantly threw on my feel-good playlist.

The EP wraps up with the song “Trouble.” Boy… talk about a song that really makes you feel yourself. It begins with a simple grand piano, leaving you in the dark as to where the song could possibly go. Then the heavy-hitting bass flares, sending you into a time warp through space. You’re left in a dream-like trance throughout the song, wrapping up the EP and leaving you craving for more. 18 LBs is definitely an EP that leaves me excited to see what else he has in store. Julian Roy is a name you should keep on top of your radar. You won’t be disappointed.

Listen to 18lbs below: