Kami Leonne’s “No Use Seducing Time” Delivers a Strong Dose Of Seductive Energy


Back with her latest EP, No Use Seducing Time, Congolese singer-songwriter Kami Leonne is unlike many of the artists we cover. Though the Kinshasha-based artist has dropped a small handful of singles since her project Promises last year, this week Leonne returns to us with five brand new tracks. Blending elements of experimental pop, R&B, trap, and afrobeat into one harmonious package, Leonne has a sound unlike any other, making No Use Seducing Time destined to enter your weekly rotation.

Ruminating over heartbreak, loss, and disillusionment, No Use Seducing Time sees Leonne deliver some of the most heartfelt and polished tracks that I've come across this year. Fans of artists like FKA Twigs, Janelle Monae, and Grimes will instantly see Leonne's appeal, as this five-track EP displays her undeniable talent and affinity for clever songwriting. From the seductive Latin-flavored string arpeggios on the project opener "N.U.S.T" to the final moments of ethereal bliss on "Like Yours," Leonne makes her style known.

Even after the first listen, there is something clearly special embedded within No Use Seducing Time. Leonne's masterful and melancholic vocal performances pair incredibly well with the tragic themes woven into tracks like "You Don't Love Yourself and "Stay With Me," especially when her dulcet tones ride atop the latter's thundering bass signals. Though so early into her musical career, Leonne's writing, composition, structure, and production is consistently top notch.

On the EP's closing track "Like Yours," Leonne departs from her arsenal of trap and R&B percussion to create an ethereal and ambient banger. Bursting at the seams with her signature hypnotic and seductive energy, she sings "No love like yours / No touch like yours / No girl, like yours / I said I'm yours" as the beat transforms around her. Sounding like the secret lovechild between Sango and Grimes in a universe where Elon Musk doesn't exist, Leonne stays consistently creating bangers in a lane of her own.

Listen to No Use Seducing Time below: