Keenan’s New Single Is Proof Outside Validation Is “No Good For You” [Premiere]


Confidence is key. We hear it all the time. Confident people always win because they attract the energy they give off, but it takes time and energy to build up that kind of self-esteem. Artist and producer Keenan gets that. Keenan's dazzling new single "No Good For You," featuring alluring vocals from singer-songwriter Jaymes Young, tackles our ever-present search for validation. 

The new age electronic R&B artist's second-ever single is accompanied by a cool-toned video directed by Boni Mata. We watch a young woman navigate dysfunctional and disruptive relationship after relationship. In each, she goes through the motions of falling fast and having it seemingly all fall apart just as quickly. Keenan, featured in the visual as well, is an omnipresent persona. As Young narrates the story of a beautiful mess over this brassy and multi-textured mix, it becomes obvious the visual depicts an even more complicated tale. Keenan spoke on the inspiration for "No Good For You," sharing,

"What you want and what you need are two completely different things. We all look for answers in external sources. The truth is you will never find happiness from relationships, substances, or achievements until you find it within yourself. Find yourself and everything else will consequently find you."

Watch the video for "No Good For You" below: