keshi’s “blue” Is a Heartbreaking Ode to Falling Out of Touch


Seemingly out of nowhere, keshi emerged as one of 2019's most promising artists. The post-Soundcloud era artist blurs the line between somber lofi hip-hop and otherworldly R&B to craft a sonic portrait wrapped in a lingering, beautiful melancholy. And with an avid social media following behind him and an instantaneous sold-out tour now under his belt, keshi is saying goodbye to the year with a wistful new single.

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"blue" is a single that is likely all too relatable for anyone who has gone through or is going through young adulthood. Over an array of raw guitar-strumming and self-production that is best described as the personification of watching the sun slowly disappear beyond the horizon, keshi sings of the distance that creeps in between our friendships without us even realizing. keshi spoke further on the new track, sharing, 

"'blue' is a song about missing friends.

A lot of shit happened this year, and I realized that the only thing I really wanted to do was to share it with people who aren't with me anymore.

It's not even that we're far away from each other. We just lose track of keeping in touch because we all have our own lives going on.

The 'move on with the seasons' line still kinda guts me when I read it."

"blue" is a song told with an unapologetic sincerity. It captures the deeply-rooted fears and sadness that accompany the reality of growing up and transforms those universal sentiments into a three-minute-shy moment of shared empathy. Heartbreaking, affecting, and beautifully delivered. "blue" is keshi at his finest and most honest.

Listen to "blue" below: