keshi’s ‘skeletons’ Is the Soundtrack to Your Fleeting Summer


It is only a matter of time until keshi is a name you will be unable to escape. The project of Casey Luong, keshi has been quietly building up listeners in the tens of millions with a haunting mixture of lo-fi beats, tranquil trap production, and otherworldly R&B. Yet, it is his latest collection of songs that sees the rapidly rising artist swaying through insurmountable highs and cataclysmic lows to deliver his finest work yet.

skeletons is an EP that flows out from keshi with an effortless, melancholic calm. And in spite of being only four tracks, it feels like a brilliant illustration of what keshi has to offer the world. Opening on the previously released "atlas," Luong delves into a heart-rending reflection on adult vices and childhood escapism. Equating the weight on his shoulders to the literal titan of Greek myth who was forced to carry the world on his shoulders, keshi juxtaposes infectious idyllic production with a characteristic penchant for expressing existential woe.

keshi is the sort of artist you would welcome to hear on the speakers at a thinning house party at three a.m., giving you space to reflect on the blurry series of events that just unfolded whilst still delivering enough of a vibe to carry you to sunrise. It is this exquisite gift for exploring profound melancholia while never feeling oppressive that truly begins to show its head on a track like "summer."

"Three months is all we got/ Try not to fall in love/ Don't think I've had enough but I said it's fine by me/ Feel like summer and I don't wanna miss you," keshi confesses over a sun-soaked fusion of acoustic and electronic elements. It is keshi at his lightest yet unwilling to uncompromise an ounce of the emotional depth that makes his music so universal. With not only "summer" but skeletons as a whole, keshi has scored the perfect millennial summer - capturing a wistful and fleeting moment of beauty.

Listen to skeletons below: