Kevin Holliday Delivers a Distinctive Vision in “Every Single Time”


Today sees us shining light on yet another artist you may not have heard of, but you definitely need to add to your playlists ASAP. Kevin Holliday is an indie alternative R&B artist out of Brooklyn, New York who caught our ear by surprise with his first release of 2020.  

"Every Single Time" is an enchanting tale about one's desire to take care of someone he loves and proving their loyalty toward them, all told through transfixing, ominous sonics. The message is carried by Holliday's distinctive vocal delivery, which strays the line between ethereal R&B and guttural, impassioned alternative. 

However, the East Coast-influenced production may be the most enticing aspect of the song. The lofi drums and simple 2/4 beat keep you under Holliday's spell as you delve further and further into the rising artist's otherworldly vision. The funky bass creates a facet to the production we just need to see live, giving us the ability to close our eyes and easily imagine losing ourselves in the live show. 

"Every Single Time" is not just a unique take on R&B, alternative, or however you may choose to describe Kevin Holliday's one-of-a-kind sound. It is a testament to the music to come, one freed of genre restrictions and limits. 

Listen to "Every Single Time" below: