Khamari’s “The Heat” Is a Vibrant Display of Songwriting and Vocal Ability


Few artists have been able to strike such a strong balance between lyrical vulnerability and catchiness as newcomer Khamari. With only two tracks out on streaming, Khamari is one of the most exciting new artists in pop and R&B. Khamari's first release, "Jealous," features production from production powerhouse Trackside and a smooth vocal line from Khamari. He shifts into falsetto and strains his voice for the refrain towards the end of the track which leaves me hitting the replay button over and over.

Khamari and Trackside team up again for their second single, "The Heat," that exceeds the high expectations set by "Jealous." The standout moment of the track is Khamari's performance on the hook, "Like I got lightning in the soles of my feet / I been running running 'way from the heat." Khamari's poetic writing and his soft tone pair perfectly over the lowkey and groovy instrumental. Khamari makes music that is personal and intimate as well as relatable and engaging. "Jealous" and "The Heat" are stunning introductions that build anticipation for his debut project.

Listen to "The Heat" by Khamari below: