Kyle Dion Seduces Us in Sexy & Psychedelic “Not All The Way” Video


The underrated R&B world has truly been blessed to receive lush melodies from a soulful swooner with a classic -yet innovative- approach to music: the fully independent artist, Kyle Dion. His latest intimate single, "Not All The Way," explores Dion's fixation with a broken relationship, which is unfortunately accompanied by a shattered heart. With smooth tempos and bodacious vocals, "Not All The Way" showcases Dion's incredible vocal range as he reaches darling falsettos several times throughout the amorous track.

Shot in Palm Springs and directed by Nick Da Graça, the "Not All The Way" music video features the narrative's seductive protagonists (Suga, Brown, and White) under the influence of psychedelics on a rousing trip, during which their vintage Buick Electra's engine eventually malfunctions. Posed with the tempting option of abandoning the group, Suga begins to walk away, but eventually returns to continue their expedition through the calm desert. The beguiling visual also depicts the storyline characters caressing each other as the smoky aroma of cigarettes and candles wafts in the hazy air.

On his forthcoming record, SUGA, Kyle Dion shared,

"Worked on this album for two years and keeping the music, name, and cover a secret for so long was killin me. Proud of myself, this album, and everyone involved. Pleased to share this with you all. CAN'T WAIT FOR MARCH 8TH."

Kyle Dion's SUGA will be released on March 8, but you can take a sensual drive in his Buick Electra now with the "Not All The Way" music video below:

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