Kyle Dion Ushers In A New Era With Double Singles


Kyle Dion always delivers. With every release, he sets the bar higher for himself, and exceeds it each time. Dion's two R&Bop singles are a much needed double dose of fun. 

"Stressed Out" is Dion's timely 2020 tune. With the current state of the world, who isn't stressed out right now? Dion's a-side doesn't wallow in despair though. He said of the song, "There's this thick air of hopelessness, despair and anger that seems to have consumed the world in 2020, but through all of that there's also empowerment and this sense of closeness as we're all going through it together." The new wave r&b track shows off a bouncy production effort and creates the foundation for Dion to both sing and take on an inventive spoken word approach too. 

Next up is "That Don't Mean A Thing." It's such a unique spin on his classic crooner style. In TDMAT, Dion's falsetto is on full display over a super flexible 70s-esque beat. And the key change… *chefs kiss*. Check out the matching fun filled video below:

Listen to "Stressed Out" & "That Don't Mean A Thing":